Welcome to Caffeine + Creativity

For three years, I’ve been the brains and awkward HTML user behind In Pursuit of Simple, a wellness and lifestyle blog founded in 2014. I put my heart and soul into building the best blog that I could, but I outgrew it just like I outgrew the Disney Channel and my favorite childhood nightgown.

I put off starting a new blog for a long time.

“But I have all of these page views, comments, and Facebook Likes. I’m just giving that up?”

“If I’m not feeling inspired by this blog, what will make a new one work?”

“Do I really want to go through all of that trouble?”

In the end I decided yes, it was worth the trouble. I wanted a blog that fit me again. I wanted a fresh start that required no promises and no guarantees. I wanted to feel inspired by writing again. So I sat down and thought about what REALLY drives me. What makes me the wife, the writer, the person that I am. And it came pretty easily to me:

Caffeine + Creativity.

To be honest, it was difficult to write the goodbye post on In Pursuit. But it is easy to see the opportunities that lay ahead of me with this new blog. Click on “About” to learn more about the topics I plan on covering, and, if you’re new to my blows, to learn a little bit more about me.

Gratitude and high fives,



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