Pregnancy Update + (Baby) Shower Thoughts

Growing a person is the slowest and fastest process I’ve ever experienced. On one hand, our wedding and finding out I was pregnant feel like yesterday. On the other, I feel as though I am already 3 years’ pregnant.

But in reality, I am at 18 weeks, which means that the baby is the size of a sweet potato. I picked one up at the grocery store and it was kind of shocking that, THAT could fit in here:


I finally have what I consider a baby bump, and am comfortable in tight clothes for probably the first time in my life because said bump is so adorable.

The room I’m standing in, in the picture is the nursery, which my husband painted last week. Early on, I decided on a camping theme, and picked out orange and navy bedding for a gender-neutral room. We went with a creamsicle color to cover up a drab gray in our former office. While we don’t have much to put in the room yet, I love the color.

I had an appointment with my OB yesterday, and she asked me if I’d felt the baby kick yet.

Yes? No? I don’t know what I’m looking for.

As she checked on the heartbeat she let me know that, “I can hear it kicking. You should feel it soon!”

So at least one of us is keeping up a regular Zumba schedule.

The next appointment on the horizon is Tuesday, when we FINALLY get an ultrasound and find out Mini Mey’s gender. We made the decision not to announce the gender until my shower, though we are going to share with immediate family.

I’ve gone to WAY too many showers where the mom-to-be gets 10 pairs of suspenders or 15 fluffy pink dresses, yet doesn’t get a lot of the things she needs to care for the baby. As a shopping addict, I am SURE that our baby will already have too many clothes, so I hope to cut it down even more with a gender reveal shower.

I’ll just make this a quick update and leave you with the clues Mini Mey has given us about their gender:


Gratitude and high fives,


Update: Find out Mini Mey’s gender here!


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