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Hello, friends! If you’re reading this in Pittsburgh, I hope that you are enjoying this unusually warm weather we’re having as much as I am. I’m used to February being one of the most ruthless months for cold, snow, ice and wind, and instead I am working today with mu sliding door open and a fresh breeze rolling in.

Sometimes it pays to live in an area of bipolar weather conditions. I wanted to give an update and share a few things I’ve been LOVING lately, and I realized that the best way to do that is by snaring some highlights and back story from my Instagram feed. I spend a lot of time on social media for my day job, but my very favorite personal social network is Instagram. I cringe when friends tell me to check my SnapChat now that IG stories have launched, and while I may go days without a peep on Facebook, I almost always post daily on IG.

Here is what’s been going on lately (Follow me at @itsgonnabemey and follow the blog at @caffeineandcreativityblog).


On Valentine’s Day, I hit the 23 week mark! (Tomorrow is 24.) It’s a big deal to reach 23 weeks in a pregnancy as that is the modern marker for a viable fetus, meaning that there is now a higher chance that if the baby were born at 23 weeks, it would survive. This only increases during the rest of my pregnancy, About 50 to 75% of babies born at 24 or 25 weeks survive. Hooray for those increasing percentages!

Baby now:

  • Weighs more than a pound
  • Kicks me CONSTANTLY, especially at bed time
  • Can be seen and felt kicking from the outside

I’ve been following The Farmer’s Daughter on Instagram for a while now. They are a local florist in Pittsburgh, located on the North Side of the city. ALL of their blooms end up looking immaculate and unique, so I was happy to hint to my husband that this year for V-Day, I wanted a bouquet from them. We ended up taking our niece and nephews to the Children’s Museum, which is a few blocks from the flower shop, and stopped in afterward. While I wanted to look at all of the amazingly adorable products the store had, I managed to only pick out a bouquet from their ready-made selection and proudly carry it out of the store.

Can you believe this was a pre-made bouquet?!


Our puppy turned one last week! I’m a very dedicated pet owner, so I obviously had to buy him a birthday cake. After doing a little bit of research about dog bakeries in my area, I found Three Dog Bakery in Sewickley. I ordered Bowie a round carrot cake with his name on it, and we picked it up the day before we gave it to him. This is one of the most adorable things I have ever laid eyes on, and Bowie LOVED it. The bakery was a 1-stop-shop, too, as we also picked up his new favorite toy and a new collar there.

Call me crazy, but I have one happy pup!


My husband made me this adorable gift certificate which is redeemable for one pregnancy massage that is MUCH NEEDED. Now that I am getting later in my second trimester, my back, neck, and shoulders are really taking a beating. I started booking all of my spa treatments at Above All Salon when my friend was hired there as a stylist, but they do such an amazing job, I’m not sure I will ever go anywhere else! I had acupressure done there before my wedding and (though I can’t guarantee that they are related), I was cool as a cucumber on my big day.


The Strip District is my favorite Pittsburgh neighborhood, and it doesn’t get any better than the Strip District on a Saturday morning. While we weren’t planning on a Saturday trip to the Strip, we realized that our reservations for our newborn class were never finalized and that we had an open morning. My husband is somewhat of a coffee snob with his French press, Aeropress and grinder, and he begged me to stop to get some coffee in the Strip. I made him get me Starbucks before we made our decision and it was kind of embarrassing to carry our SBucks cups into Allegheny Coffee Co, which is our go-to place for beans.

The photo above was taken at Hot Haute Hot, which is the CUTEST boutique and one of the places I have to stop every time I stop in the strip, other than Penn Mac. The store has jewelry, gifts and furniture, and this time they just happened to have a wall hanging featuring my girl Audrey.


To top off the perfect weekend, we spent Sunday afternoon at the dog park, where our dog immediately dug a hole, laid in it, and reveled in all of his glory. The weather was so amazing and it was great to finally get some fresh air. Plus look how happy this dog is! I wish the dog park could be a daily routine.

What have you been up to on IG lately? Comment with your username so I can check it out!


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