Step 1: Enroll in this course;Step 2: Get published

When I was a little girl, engrossed in my copy of “Madeline and the Old House in Paris,” I dreamed of seeing my name on the cover of a book one day.

But getting published seemed like a pipe dream. I chose a more practical career and kept my creative writing as a passion project.

And then in November 2016, my passion project got published. My first children’s book, “Marcella Umbrella and the What Ifs” was published by One Idea Press. I will NEVER forget the feeling of seeing my book on Amazon, nor will I forget the feeling of having a copy in my hand.

I want fellow writers to experience that for themselves. And, I know someone who can help YOU get published just like she helped me.


One of the girl bosses behind One Idea Press, Lindsey Smith, launched a digital non-fiction book proposal course today, and I can’t stress enough how helpful I think it would be to hopeful authors.

You may know Lindsey as “The Food Mood Girl” or from one of her FOUR books. She’s a health and wellness coach who has spent her career writing and promoting her books in/on outlets like The TODAY Show and SHAPE Magazine, and now she’s focused on helping other people do the same. My book would not have been published if Lindsey hasn’t believed in me and helped me through the process.



The course is only $97 and includes:

  • Module 1: How to Find + Pitch a Literary Agent: You will learn how to find and pitch a literary agent. Plus, you’ll get a list of agent search resources, a query letter template and examples of queries that hooked agents immediately.
  • Module 2: Write a Killer Non-Fiction Book Proposal: This module takes you step-by-step through the proposal sections and key-points that you want to make sure your book proposal highlights. It also includes a detailed book proposal template complete with writing prompts to ensure you hit all the major points and answer all the major questions that agents will be looking for.
  • Insights into small and independent publishers that often get overlooked in the quest to publish.
  • An example of a book proposal that SOLD to a top five publisher.

You can enroll in the course here, and I really, honestly, bluntly hope that you do. I WANT you to join me in the “published” club and experience what it’s like to hold a copy of your own book. We writers have to stick together!


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