My Favorite (Free) Apps

I’m an app addict. Just look at my home screen! (You’ll notice I made everything smaller so I could fit more apps and widgets in).


I’m always downloading, testing, deleting. For work, it’s social media tools. Lately, I spend my free time testing out new parenting apps to see if they can make those first few months a little easier on us. And, of course, I have to have any app that makes my photos and videos the best they can be.

I’ve been through so many apps, I’d like to think that I’ve done enough user testing to have a pretty fantastic selection. So, here are my top apps for life and for work/side hustle.



Instagram – I don’t need to explain this one to you. Instagram is by far my favorite social network, my least favorite being SnapChat. If my friends didn’t share so many snaps of their babies on the platform, I’d delete my account… for about the 10th time. Now that Instagram has most of the same features as SnapChat, it’s my go-to app for sharing moments and wasting time.

Pinterest – SPEAKING of wasting time, I can’t tell you how many hours of pregnancy insomnia have been filled with the Pinterest app. From looking up labor symptoms to planning out all of the summer cocktails I’m going to have once Max is out in the world.

Relaxio – I first downloaded this when I was looking for white noise options for the baby, but I ended up using it for myself instead. The baby has his own white noise MACHINE. I like for bedtime to sound like I’m in the woods next to a stream, and this makes that happen. Unfortunately, my husband likes it to be totally silent when he sleeps… so I just wait until he’s out to turn on my zen noises. (PS – I tried a LOT of white noise apps and hated many of them!)

Baby Center – Of all of the apps out there for pregnant women, I would only recommend two:  This one and the one below. This app gives you facts about your baby week after week, lets you know what veggie they are the size of, reminds you to take your prenatals and helps you track you bump as it grows. It also has a busy community where you can ask questions and read answers from others. Fair warning… the forums have taught me that there IS such a thing as a dumb question.


Ovia Pregnancy – Ovia is similar to Baby Center, but it’s a little bit more attractive and gives you more options for tracking how baby is growing, including size themes (fruits and veggies, animals, toys and games) as well as hand and foot size.

AirBrush – If you want to do some serious editing on a photo… like make a raccoon look like Brad Pitt… this is the app you want to use. It’s also good for small edits, blurring out parts of a photo and more.

Candy Camera – When it comes to filters, Camera Candy is my favorite app. There are dozens to choose from and you can make your own adjustments to each one. I barely use anything for photo editing outside of this app and Airbrush.

Wunderlist – I am a list woman, and my husband is a list man. There are a TON of list apps out there, but when it comes to errands and our weekly grocery list, we really love Wunderlist. I can add things to the list at home on my computer and then access that list from my phone or his. This has really come in handy in the third trimester when a trip to the grocery store can take up all of my energy. I can build the list and send him to the store… and creepily see as he checks each item off.


Photofy – I used this to make all of my “bumpies” in pregnancy before I started to make my own. This app adds fun text and images to your photos and has a TON of free customization options. Though I have paid for a few content packs and to get their watermark removed.

Keep – Like post-its on the go, I save a TON of things in keep, from which restaurants I’d like to try to what fun facts I have about myself in case I need an ice breaker.

MightyText – I LOVE MIGHTYTEXT. I am on a computer all day for work, and it feels like such a hassle to check and respond to people on my phone when I have this full keyboard at my disposal. MightyText pushes my texts and phone notifications to my computer so that I can answer them like an IM.



Later – It is SO annoying that Instagram hasn’t given users a way to schedule yet. Later makes it a litttttle bit less annoying. You can upload your image, write your description, add your hashtags, and schedule your post. When that time comes, Later will remind you to post and put together your post for you, but you still have to press the button.

Ripl – Ripl allows you to put animation, text, and photos together to build a fun little video for social. You can use this in your personal life (you can actually use all of these in your personal life), but we recommend this as a tool for the small retailers we work with to promote their products.


Legend – Similar to Ripl, but with more of a focus on text. Personally, I love to use this for work, the blog, and just for myself. It animates your text and makes it visually appealing without a lot of effort from you!

Repost – Sharing is caring, and repost makes it easy to repost Instagram posts from other users just by copying the post URLs.

Pocket – Pocket is a bookmarking service that allows you to save and tag links. I use it a lot for the blog to save sources (stores I want to share with you, tagged by type of products) and for work to save info (URLs of retailers we work with).

How many of these apps do you use? Any of them totally new to you? You can download all of these apps from the blog’s NEW Pinterest page! There is a special board just for this post. Be sure to follow the account while you’re at it!



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