Driven by caffeine + creativity, this blog is written by a creative copywriter with a love of learning. Topics include travel, pregnancy, family, finance, style, product reviews + whatever else inspires me. What drives you?


This is not my first blog.

Nor is it my second or third.

For three years, I shared my thoughts, likes, dislikes and general goofiness with the world through my blog, In Pursuit of Simple. What started out as a health and wellness blog evolved into a mix of a lifestyle blog and personal journal:

But as my life changed and grew, I started to feel that the blog didn’t have room for me to grow. And so, one blog ended and Caffeine + Creativity was born.

But that’s enough about the past.

My name is Jessica, and I’m a wife, dog mom, human mom-to-be and lefty. From 9-5 I’m a copywriter for a marketing company. On the weekends, I’m a shopping addict, nap-taker and wanna-be crafter. (Basically, I spend a lot of time at Michael’s feeling confused and overwhelmed.)

Caffeine + Creativity are what drive me to be the very best in everything that I do. I consider myself creative at home and at work, and always preform best with an iced latte in my hand.

Here is what you can expect to read about on Caffeine + Creativity:

  • Personal Stories
  • Family, Pregnancy, and Parenting
  • Products and Reviews
  • Pinterest Projects (Crafts and Recipes)
  • Decor and Organization
  • Finance and Career
  • Travel

Here is what I hope to avoid writing about:

  • Click-bait topics that add no value
  • Negative stories that don’t deserve more recognition

If you’ve followed my blogs in the past, I thank you for your loyalty and patience as I decide what I want to be as a blogger. Driven by caffeine + creativity, I hope that this one is my best yet. What drives you?

Gratitude and high fives,